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August 14 2017

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#summer #teavanainfusions http://ift.tt/2uEJw4E

August 13 2017

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#tobenfoodbydesign http://ift.tt/2w0d5BJ

August 11 2017

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Oops, I just can’t stop sharing this magical place!
#haikustairs #stairwaytoheaven #hikeoahu #takethechallenge #wanderoften #risky #nakedhawaii (at Haiku Stairs)

August 06 2017

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#advertising #addidas
The best way of advert http://ift.tt/2vC1cBf

August 05 2017

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#breathtaking #night skies http://ift.tt/2fi8jbW

August 03 2017

July 29 2017

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Take an ALOHA break and say goodbye to your long and stressful day.
#staycontent #liveastressfreelife #behappy #smileandsayaloha #Aloha

July 27 2017

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Pass Christian Computer Technician

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Your troublesome computer has probably been repaired by someone. However, how come your computer is still running poorly? Over 50% of the computer Computer Service Pass Christian repair work that Pass Christian PC Repair

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PC Repair Pass Christian

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Computer Troubleshooter Pass Christiantorm Computers Bay Pass Christian Computer Repairt Louis Computer Pass Christian PC Repairechnician service areas include Pass Christian, Long Beach MS, Bay St Louis, Diamondhead MS, Gulfport, Kiln, Waveland, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKhKgfljPQ0 all of Hancock County Mississippi.

July 24 2017

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Staying cool, literally. (at Honolulu, Hawaii)

July 21 2017

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The promise of tomorrow motivates me to grow.
#doyou #alwaysbetrue #whatmotivatesyou #love #determination #selfrespect #patience #care #inspire

July 19 2017

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Just passing through.
#hiltonhawaiianvillage #neighborhood #beautiful #oahu #waikiki #home #islandlife #fortderussy #beach #summer2017 (at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort)

July 18 2017

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Art #ghostbusters I must say I’m impressed by this person doing the art. Wished I can recognize who did the work or deco? http://ift.tt/2uv17z0

July 15 2017



Date: Jul 15, 2017
Number of Photos in Album: 1

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#Eagle on a head #statue
Quite an odd occurence in an #university #campus http://ift.tt/2tVy84N

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A Snap could also be forever!
#snapchat #letssnapchat #snapchatme #snapnshare #instasnapchat #followme

July 09 2017

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